Voice Technics & Oral Skills (DCS 264) – Course Outline

course overview – This course teaches speech sound production, phonetics and voice artistry. Students will learn the use of pauses, inflexions, vocal variety, and other auditory capabilities that make development communication practitioners stand tall.

4 thoughts on “Voice Technics & Oral Skills (DCS 264) – Course Outline”

  1. Otonkramate John Tubotamuno

    Absolutely amazing! I’d love to be part of the lectures!! Something new and refreshing!!!

  2. Apt and encompasing, specially for those who would want to develope their communication skills….and make good speeches.

  3. Emmanuel Lebari Miracle

    From observed result, I trust the experience to be an awesome one. I am indeed to have been granted an opportunity to be part of the lecture.

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