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Introduction to Human Communication (CMS 101) – Course Outline


Welcome to “Introduction to Human Communication,” a dynamic course designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of the history, fundamentals, and diverse aspects of human communication. This course aims to equip students with a solid foundation in the principles and practices essential for effective communication. Through a combination of historical perspectives, theoretical frameworks, and cultural insights, students will gain a deeper understanding of communication processes and their significance in various contexts.


  • to understand the history and fundamentals of human communication
  • learn the definition, process and models of communication
  • identify the functions of communication
  • delineate the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication
  • outline the uniqueness of African Communication Systems
  • describe channels of African Communication

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • describe the different eras of human communication
  • define and explain the basic models of communication
  • identify three functions of communication
  • identify and analyse the relevance of verbal and nonverbal cues
  • outline the key channels of African communication


S/NOUnitsOther Details
1History of Human Communication
What is Communication? What is Human Communication?
The Features of Human Communication
Eras of Human Communication
Forms of Human Communication
Myths about Human Communication
Attributes of Information    
2Definition, Process and Models of Communication
Definitions of communication
Processes of Communication
Elements in Communication
Models of Communication
3Functions of Communication
Types of Communication
Functions of Communication
4Verbal Communication
Components of Verbal Communication
Verbal Communication Skills
Functions of Verbal Communication
Strategies for improving verbal Communication
Continuous Assessment I – Class Quiz
5Nonverbal Communication
Definition and types of nonverbal communication
Characteristics of nonverbal communication
Functions of nonverbal communication
6African Communication Systems (ACS)
Origin and definition of ACS
Characteristics of ACS
Indigenous and Exogenous Communication
Classification of African Communication
African Channels of Communication
Functions of ACS
Continuous Assessment II – Live art/Group Performances


COURSE LECTURERS: Prof. G. B. Okon, Dr. Sarah Chidiebere Joe, and Dr. Theresa Chris Biriowu

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